Structured Geographic Database Management System

A flexible database system emphasizing that you don't have to be a GIS expert in order to build and operate complex GIS databases.

SGDMS makes things easy so you can focus on the data.

The system

SGDMS manages large amounts of complex, stuctured, GIS enabled data.

The web platform allows for direct data entry, receives data from the associated mobile applications or imports data from various external sources.

Any type of data

Model any type of structured data, including multimedia and geographical information.

Data framework modelling

Define the framework for the data collection activity, including types of data, relationships and validation algorithm.

Data collection management

Manage campaigns with operators, supervisors, data collection frameworks, target areas, tasks, and data validation.

Data gathering

Direct data entry using the web interface or collect data via the mobile aplications even without an Internet connection.

Collected data analysis

Powerful, simple and blazing fast search, drill-down and vizualization of collected data to support data analysis.

Data import and export

Configure data mappings to import data from multiple external sources, and export the data to various structured formats.

Data publishing

Make selected data available in a public or private web application included with the system.


Translations available for web and mobile aplications.

The service

We know that GIS & data management can be overwhelming, so we pledge our support throughout your journey from needs to ideas to actual implementation and operation of the system.

Our team will guide and support the implementation process from the analysis of your specific needs and the initial setup and install procedures, to the specific configuration and customizations required by each use case.

We then follow-up with system maintenance and technical support to ensure that you have an easy and gratifying experience throughout the entire life cycle of the system.

Install and setup

Installation and initial system setup using either a self-hosted or a managed server infrastructure and publishing of client-branded mobile apps.

Data modelling

Use-case analysis, support for data types, data collection frameworks and campaign configuration to fit your every need.

API Integration

Custom and seamless integration with your other systems via APIs and/or web hooks to achieve real-time or near real-time data syndication.


Modify or enhance the system with client-specific functionalities, user interfaces and reports.

Support and maintenance

Periodic security updates, bug fixes, technical updates and new features.
Priority e-mail and phone support.

Backup and security

Professional backup and security policy, with on-site/off-site and offline backup options.


Coherent data collected in a timely and structured fashion supports successful operations in the fields of science, government and industry.

  • Science

    Natural sciences, social, medical and health sciences, humanities.

    Gain insight into your research with structured geospatial data in a unified database. Collect information on the ground from operators using the mobile apps and validate, filter and visualize the data to support deductive thinking and scientific modelling.

  • Government

    Transportation and energy, agriculture, environment and public health, public safety and defense.

    Quickly collect on the ground structured data with geolocation information, including participative, citizen led, data gathering campaigns. Use the collected data to support informed decision making and policy change processes.

  • Industry

    Energy, water, telecommunications, market research.

    Keep track of existing infrastructure, quickly identify and signal potential problems on the ground, receive geolocated reports from designated employees and/or customers. Use the collected data to support maintenance services and growth strategy.

Tech stack

SGDMS is built upon cloud-ready and modern open-source technologies delivering excellent scalability, stability, security and speed.

Docker Containers

Cloud-ready controlled application environment that supports consistent behavior and scalable performance.

Laravel Framework

Open-source, widely used technology for great access to future development resources.

PostgreSQL, PostGIS

Excellent relational database system with solid GIS support for a fast and reliable system.

Elasticsearch, Redis

Fast and reliable searches in large data sets and in-memory data structures for blazing fast response times.

Angular, Ionic Frameworks

Cross-platform mobile application development tehnology for easily maintainable complex mobile applications.

Bootstrap Framework

Widely used front-end framework for rapid design, development and maintenance.


Thank you for your interest!

Every implementation is custom for the client. Please contact us for more information.